5-Speed Electric Dental Cleaner

  • 5-Speed Electric Dental Cleaner
  • 5-Speed Electric Dental Cleaner
  • 5-Speed Electric Dental Cleaner
  • 5-Speed Electric Dental Cleaner
  • 5-Speed Electric Dental Cleaner
  • 5-Speed Electric Dental Cleaner
  • 5-Speed Electric Dental Cleaner
  • 5-Speed Electric Dental Cleaner
  • 5-Speed Electric Dental Cleaner
  • 5-Speed Electric Dental Cleaner
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Wear your smile with confidence!

Would you like to smile brighter, smell better, live healthier than ever before?

Our 5-Speed Electric Dental Cleaner functions by using over 12000 calculated vibrations a minute to deeply cleanse your teeth, removing any plaque, stains, or tartar from your teeth in minutes!

The plaque build-up is often ignored by the mass public due to the ignorance of the subject. That is why we are here to help you out.



An excessive amount of plaque buildup can cause more problems than you thought imaginable.

The scary thing is... Most people have an excessive amount of plaque built up without even knowing it!

Plaque can cause gum disease, make your breath smell, yellow your teeth, and drastically increase the level of bacteria in your mouth (increasing the breath smell further).

Act on this problem before you regret it...



Dental plaque is a sticky, colorless or pale yellow film that is constantly forming on your teeth. When saliva, food and fluids combine, plaque - which contains - forms between your teeth and along the gum line.


Teeth tartar, also called dental calculus, is a crusty deposit that can trap stains on the teeth and cause discoloration. It creates a strong bond that can only be removed by a dental professional. Tartar formation may also make it more difficult to remove new plaque.


It occurs when stain particles, such as pigmented residue from food or drink, build-up in the film of protein that covers the tooth enamel. Extrinsic tooth stains are typically caused by smoking or by regularly drinking coffee and tea, wine or cola drinks.


Do your gums bleed easily? Are they tender? Do you notice them pulling away from your teeth? You might have gum disease. A buildup of plaque, a sticky staff, below the gum line causes it. Left untreated, it can at some point cause bone loss, and your teeth might shift.

With the 5-Speed Dental Cleaner you can now remove these enemies at the comfort of your home and without spending a fortune!


Plaque buildup leads to numerous effects that can end up tarnishing your confidence.

Brushing your teeth simply isn't enough to get those pearly white teeth you've been dreaming of or the minty fresh breath you've always wanted.

Plaque buildup is a serious issue that cannot be removed by your typical dental products. Luckily for you, the Electric Dental Scaler is here to save your smile.



  • Premium Materials: Food-grade silicone/PC/ABS/304 stainless steel head, IPX6 watertight structure.
  • High-Frequency Vibration Technology: With ultrasonic vibration to clean up teeth stains and solve most of the problems, such as dental calculus, tooth bacterial plaque. The electric dental calculus remover can be operated for gentle calculus removal by a hand.
  • 5 Adjustable Modes: 5 adjustable strength modes(10000-25000 times per minute), suitable for the different sensitivity of gums.Easy to start from low to high levels.
  • Portable: Small in shape, easy to carry with for travel and business trips.
  • USB Fast ChargingFully charged in just 4 hours by USB cable, by using it twice a day its power will last for more than 15 days. The dental calculus remover is perfect to use at home, while travelling or even on a business trip. Easy to charge with any phone adapters.

  • Safe and usable for everyone: The 5-Speed Electric Dental Scaler was specifically made with the number one priority being to improve our customer's life.


1. Press the Power Button to turn on the device. Choose suitable gear by pressing Up and Down buttons.
2. Looking in a mirror, apply the metal head to the treating part. Slightly press to remove any dental plaque or tartar.
3. The device pauses 1 sec every 30 sec and shuts down automatically after 3 minutes. Gargle with water and clean the device. Repeat previous steps according to your need. 



Our 5-Speed Electric Dental Cleaner is designed to deliver results within 6 days! Our dentist-approved tooth cleanser is guaranteed to reduce plaque and improve your overall oral hygiene within 30 days or your money back, no questions asked.


Included in the package :

1 Pc X 5-Speed Electric Dental Cleaner

USB Charger

Instructions Manual


**Please allow 10-20 Days for delivery**

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