Blue Tiger Eye Bracelet

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This beautiful  bracelet Blue Tiger Eye   is composed of pearls that emanate a shimmering brightness due to the reflection of light by their fibrous structure.

Hawk's Eye is the stone from which form the Tiger's Eye, which is why it is also called Blue Tiger's Eye. They have almost the same properties and are two  protective stones. 

The virtues of the Eye of Falcon:

Very close to the tiger's eye, the hawk's eye nevertheless has some differences:

It is a stone of tolerance and openness to new ideas, especially to oneself. It allows not to be influenced by his moods and to remain lucid.

It develops the intuition and the psychic faculties, which also makes it possible to clarify the dreams.

It is a stone that finds its place on the chakra of the third eye and the throat.

Length: 19 cm (elastic) 
Diameter of beads: 10mm or 8mm 
Material: Falcon Eye


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