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Most parents don't know the kind of books to get from their children. So I came up with this write up that would ease your burden in purchasing a book for your child. The great news here is that after going through this article you can visit our website to purchase any book of your choice for your child. The books you get for your children to read goes a long way to form their behavioural pattern. Most parents tend to envision children's books as simple picture books. But, that's just a starting point to further note that children's book categories are much more than that. Every book a child reads should depend on the age bracket. It would interest you to know that when it comes to children's books the following age range exists. We have the

  • Picture books - These books are aimed at children from ages 0 to 5
  • Early readers - Books for early readers are targeted at children from ages 5 to 7. These books have short amounts of text on each page but are still picture-driven and are beginning to help children build a vocabulary.
  • Young readers - These books are simple chapters books that are less picture-driven. They are aimed at children ages 7 to 12.
  • Young adult - Children age 13 and above falls in this category. The books they read are majorly fictions that touch on themes that specifically affects teenagers.
  • After touching down on those age range, the kind of books a parent can buy for their children or child is as follows.
  • Types of children's books
  • The various types of children books you can purchase on our online stores include:
  • Biography - This genre of book for children is based on a real person and not a fictional character. By reading this genre of book children will learn about a persons life usually from birth to death.
  • Fantasy - Fantansy books are imaginative worlds created entirely from an author's imagination. The story telling in this books will usually be fanciful and colourful that it will take the little kid off to far and distant make-believe lands.
  • Science Fiction - This genre deals with imaginative concepts like technology, aliens, time travel and explorations. Science fiction or sci-fi just as it is often called is fanciful and can open readers' minds to scientific discoveries.
  • Folklore - This genre is more rooted in cultural heritage which includes legends, traditional myths, fairy tales, and fables of old.
  • Poetry - Children's poetry books are rhythmic expressions expressing colourful images and emotions. These poems sometimes tell complete stories and other times they simply relay feelings and emotions.
  • All kinds of children's books for children of all age range are available at our online stores. All you have to do is visit our website and pick up the best book for your children.

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