0# 500pcs!Red translucent-Red translucet colored empty capsule,hard gelatin empty capsule(joined or seperated capsules size 0)

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    Type: Storage Bottles & Jars;Size: S;Model Number: 0;Use: Sundries;Capacity: 0-100ml;Feature: Eco-Friendly;Brand Name: SUNNYPK;Packaging: >10;Condiments Container styles: Cover;Material: pharmaceutical gelatin;is_customized: Yes;Model Number: 0#;


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        Place of origin: China

        Material:pharmaceutical grade gelatine

        Size: 0

        Application:As the packaging for medicine powder;medicine granule;medicine pellet;herbal medicine powder etc.


    2)The Physical Specifications: 


          Cap length (mm):  11.0±0.4 

          Body length (mm):18.5±0.4 

          Cap thickness (mm):0.100-0.115 

          Body thickness (mm):0.100-0.115 

          Cap outer diameter (mm):7.65±0.05 

          Body outer diameter (mm):7.33±0.05 

          Shoulder thickness (mm):0.10±0.02 

          Top thickness (mm):0.13-0.20 

          Pre-locked length (mm):24.2±0.5 

          Locked length (mm):21.2±0.3 

          Weight (mg):100±8% 

          Volume (ml):0.68 

          Powder density and typical filling weight (mg): 

                                           0.6g/cc  410 

                                           0.8g/cc  548 

                                           1.0g/cc  684 

                                           1.2g/cc  820 


    3). The Chemical Specifications of (China Pharmacopoeia 2010 the second edition )


    Identification: Shall be positive

    Elastic Tightness: Less than 2PC 

    Friability: Less than 15PCS 

    Disintegration Time: No more than 10 Minutes 

    Sulphite: Shall comply to stipulations

    Ethylene oxide: For the sample solotio of ethylene chlorohydrin in peak area should less than the control solution of the peak area

    Ethylene Chlorohydrin: For the sample solotio of ethylene exide in peak area should less than the control solution of the peak area

    Chromium: no more than 2ppm

    Loss on Drying: 12.5-17.5% 

    Residue on Ignition(%):Transparent    No more than 2 

                                             Translucent    No more than 3 

                                             Opaque           No more than 5 

    Heavy Metals(PPM Pb): No more than 40  

    Viscosity(mm2/S):    No less than 60 

    Micro-Organism:  Total count of Bacilus:  No more than1000 unit/g 

                                         Total count of Mildew:   No more than 100unit/g 

                                         Total count of Escherichia : Should not be detected

    *Joined capsules

    0# red translucent**Seperated capsules: