0.79 inch Automatic Air Vent Valve Water Pipe BSPT Extenal Thread Garden Irrigation System Plant Kit

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    Brand Name: ROBESBON;Model Number: Air Vent Valve;Material: Rubber;Standard: DIN;Type: Garden Water Connectors;Garden Water Connector Type: Air Vent Valve;Product name: air vent valve;Entrance size: 20mm/0.79in;Connection form: BSPT external thread;Pressure level: PN10;Work pressure range: 0.1-10 bar;Size: 35 x 20mm/1.38 x 0.79in;

    Small size, simple structure and reliable performance.
    The valve body adopts the direct passage design, the inlet and outlet are large in size and large in flow.
    Sealed float moves long length, Prevents floating balls from blowing high velocity air, resulting in premature exhaust closure, and does not affect air inhalation or removal.
    Dynamic low pressure seal. It can maintain good tightness at low pressure (0.3bar) and avoid leakage.
    All components have advantages of corrosion resistance, low maintenance frequency and long service life.

    1.The vacuum intake and exhaust valve is a power type quick intake and exhaust valve, suitable for various irrigation system. When the system is water injected, the air valve discharges a large amount of air in the pipeline. When the system is emptying, the air valve attracts a large amount of air to prevent the vacuum negative pressure.
    2.The valve adopts advanced compound gas dynamics design, with fast intake and exhaust, can avoid air accumulation, prevent formation of negative pressure, has good sealing performance if it is low pressure.

    Product name: air vent valve
    Entrance size: 20mm/0.79in
    Connection form: BSPT external thread
    Pressure level: PN10
    Work pressure range: 0.1-10 bar
    Working temperature: the water temperature is 50 degrees centigrade

    Size: 35 x 20mm/1.38 x 0.79in (height x outside diameter)

    1 x Air Vent Valve