10 Pcs/bag Bottle palm tree Seeds Exotic Plants Bonsai tree Tropical Ornamental flower evergreen plant pot for home garden

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    Product Type: Bonsai;Size: Small,Medium;Brand Name: kacasesi;Climate: Temperate;Style: Perennial;Applicable Constellation: Virgo;Full-bloom Period: Summer;Flowerpot: Excluded;Classification: Novel Plant;Function: Beautifying;Type: Woody Plants;Use: Outdoor Plants;Model Number: seeds;Location: Courtyard;Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy;Variety: palm;type1: rare flower seeds;type2: Tropical flower seeds;type3: Exotic seeds;

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    10 Pcs/bag Bottle palm tree Seeds Exotic Plants Bonsai tree Tropical Ornamental flower evergreen plant pot for home garden


    Bottle Palms do pretty well in Hawaii, Miami, and tropical locations. This palm survives the coast of southern California, it is less likely to survive inland. Local palm experts often find one of these perfect little spots in their yards to shelter this precious plant.
    A very distinctive medium sized palm, with a grey bottle shaped trunk, noticeable ring scars, and up to 60cm in diameter. It has a green or maroon crownshaft, with 4-8 finely pinnate leaves, up to 3.5m long
    Sun Exposure: Full Sun-Full Shade
    Sunny, moist, but well drained position. Can tolerate very light frosts.
    The Bottle Palm has a small crown of 4-6 4 to 8 pinnate, or feather-like, leaves that can grow up to 10 ft. It has 140 leaflets arranged in two upward pointing rows which grow to about 2 ft long.
    They need 4-6 years to trunk and to form it's bottle form, looking when they get taller, they lose the compact pear shape but still are beautiful as tall thickly trunked palms.
    Bottle Palm Seeds also very long to germinate in general minimum 2 months to a year or even more. The fruits are green and white dots at early stage and goes black when ripe, whereas seeds are very hard, ovoid and gray.
    The Bottle Palm produces beautiful white flowers that are held by 30 in. stalks coming from below the crownshaft. Flowers are monoecious, male and female flowers on the same inflorescence.


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    About planting(most seeds can plant by the below way):

    Main points of cultivation:
    Germination temperature: 20-25 temperature optimum growth temperature: 15-28 temperature
    Sowing period: annual sow results: about 20 weeks
    Cultivation method:
    Selection of loose, good drainage loam sand bed, appropriate, rotten leaf soil, dung mixture. Seeds slightly covered soil, after about 7-10 days after germination, seedling length of more than 2 true leaves should be put in sunny place, make its healthy growth, conducive to fruit. Can also be directly pot.

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