100 pcs Lily of the Valley flower seeds , bell orchid seeds,rich aroma ,bonsai flower seed, so cute and beautiful

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    Product Type: Bonsai;Brand Name: Suhulu;Applicable Constellation: Capricorn;Climate: Temperate;Style: Perennial;Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Slightly Difficult;Classification: Novel Plant;Function: Beautifying;Flowerpot: Excluded;Full-bloom Period: Spring;Use: Outdoor Plants;Location: Balcony;Variety: Orchid;Type: Blooming Plants;Size: Medium;Product Type: Bonsai;is_customized: Yes;Name: Flower Story;





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    Where are Our Flower seeds plant?

    1.home and garden,
    2.bonsai ,
    3.small park,
    4.office desk,
    7.bedroom decoration.
    8.Building Roof
    10.Tea Table

    What Funsctions are Our Bonsai Flowers ?
    1-Beautifying Environment.
    2-Radiation Protection
    3-Mosquito Repelling

    4-Refreshing Brain
    5-Air Purification
    6-So Interesting

    How to plant seeds?
    1.fill seeds in warm water for 24 hours
    2. fill seeds in cold water for 72 hours.
    3.put seeds in wet soil for 1.5cm cover with plastic
    4.water every day , the seeds will sprout in 15 days.
    Now Please feel free to enjoy our flowers :

    Water soaking seeds can soften skin, remove germination inhibitor and promote seed germination. Soaked with water when the water temperature and soaking time is the important condition, with cold water (25 and 30 C) seed (55 C) seed treatments, warm water, hot water (70-75 C) seed treatments and those (90 a 100 C, 20 C below) seed soaking, etc., soak in water for two - 3 d. Laminated processing seed and damp medium (usually the wet sand) under the condition of low temperature storage (0, 5 C), to ensure its pass after ripening action is called laminated, also known as sand processing. Always use this method to promote bud spring sowing seeds. Laminated seed soaked in water for 5-24 h before and after being seeds fully absorbing water, dry, clean again, river sand and mixed sand dosage is: small and medium-sized seed is the seed volume commonly 3-5 times, big seed for 5 to 10 times. The sand moisture in hand knead dough does not drip, about 50% of water holding capacity of the largest sand. Seed volume in the ditch hidden method, choose the shaded high and dry not stagnant water, dig deep 50-100 cm, 40 -- 50 cm wide, depending on how much seed length, groove first shop 5 cm thick wet sand, then will have good seeds into the ditch, to 10 cm away from the ground, covered with river sand, it is generally higher ground ridge, above the cover good with grass or MATS. Seeds quantity laminated hours available flower POTS or wooden cases. Laminated days depending on the type of different. During stratification should pay attention to check the temperature, humidity, especially after the Spring Festival is more attention should be paid to prevent mildew, or too early to germinate, spring most of the seed sowing in time when the thief. Sprouting guarantee the soil before sowing seed in the sufficient moisture absorption, prompted the seeds rapid decomposition, nutrient to supply for young embryo growth said sprouting. The emergence process of technical key is to keep enough oxygen and saturated air relative humidity, and suitable for all kinds of seeds germination temperature. Water can adopt multi-layer wet gauze, sacking seeds, towels, etc. Temperature, general requirements 18 to 25 C.Seed:



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