100 Pcs Mix Colorful ROCK CRESS or Creeping Thyme Seeds - Perennial Groundcover Lawn Flower, Foliage Plant for Home Garden Decor

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    Product Type: Bonsai;Brand Name: ShaLaLa;Climate: Temperate;Style: Perennial;Model Number: Bonsai groundcover;Full-bloom Period: Summer;Classification: Novel Plant;Function: Beautifying;Flowerpot: Excluded;Applicable Constellation: Cancer;Use: Outdoor Plants;Type: Foliage Plants;Size: Large;Location: Courtyard;Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy;Variety: GroundCover;Variety: Bonsai Potted Plant;Planting Place: Garden , Balcony , Yard , Patio , Courtyard;Sementes De Flores: Flower Raras Perennial;Gifts: Rose Seeds Sunflower Seeds;Exotic Plants: Plante , Room flowers, Houseplants;

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    100 Pcs Colorful ROCK CRESS Seeds or Creeping Thyme Seeds - Perennial Ground Cover Flower, Foliage Plant for Home Garden



















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