174th ADA (Air Defense Artillery) MultiCam (OCP) Patch

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    United States Army 174th ADA (Air Defense Artillery) MultiCam (OCP) Patch

    Criteria: ACU Patches, known broadly as shoulder sleeve insignia (SSI), are embroidered patches used by major formations of the United States Army. Each formation has a unique formation patch, and the U.S. Army is unique among the Armed Services in that all soldiers are required to wear the patch of their headquarters as part of their military uniforms.

    Shoulder sleeve insignia are most commonly worn on the upper left shoulders of all U.S. Army uniforms, though they can be placed on other locations, such as a combat helmet. Shoulder sleeve insignia worn on the upper right shoulders on Army uniforms denote former wartime service. These "combat patches" will not be worn on the new Army service uniform. Instead a 2-inch metal replica will be worn on the right breast pocket and is officially known as the Combat Service Identification Badge.

    Since the development of the Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern (OCP) uniform (commonly known as MultiCam as it is derived from Crye Precision's proprietary pattern) new SSI have been procured where the "Foliage" green of the subdued ACU SSI is replaced by "Bagby" green. Velcro remains the method for attaching the SSI to the uniform.