Baby Clothing

Baby Clothing

This question is what comes to mind after delivery. Although we often make the mistake of purchasing things that are not supposed to be purchased in excess. Before buying anything related to baby wears, we ought to have the basic information about babies generally, which is; Babies growth are rapid,  that is they grow up quickly. This means that in the first six weeks it is advisable to buy minimal and important wears for our Babies, after that first six weeks,  you can buy as many clothes as you wish as the baby increase in stature. So we will be discussing the types of clothes we can buy for our Babies.


Here, i would like to talk about the types of clothes you should buy. These are:

The body suit:They are perfect outfit. Infant bodysuits otherwise known as onesies—is one of the important clothes for your baby’s wardrobe. They are the let's go shower gift, but it is a great thing to have differing sizes at hand, so you can maintain the rate with your quickly growing baby.

Infant gowns

Kimono tops: These loose T-shirts comes with side snaps or ties to reduce touch with a newborn’s still sensitive umbilical cord tip. Also, while you and baby are still getting used to dressing, having shirts that you don’t have to pull over your baby’s face is really advisable. Kimono tops come in short and long sleeves and can be worn as a top or a thin sweater over a bodysuit.

Beanie Hats

Baby socks

Baby boots

Baby sleepers

Knit sweaters and caps: These are clothes for cold. Since babies have the strong tendency to catch cold,  then it is important to buy clothes for cold.

Baby blankets

Pyjamas: It is reasonable to buy sleep wears for our baby's comfort at night.

Now, all these clothings are available in our store.

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