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Abby™ Surfboard - SUP Carrier Bicycle or Motorcycle Rack

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Product Description

Worried about how to transport your board while cruising to the beach? Need to enjoy a bike ride before surfingDo you live near your favorite surf spots, but it is too far to walk to the waves?

Introducing the best Abby's™ Surfboard Bike Rack for you is the best way of traveling to your local surf spot without spending money on gas. The most popular way of driving a bicycle with your surfboard is using a side-mounted surfboard bike rack. Although your bike gets a bit wider, you won't face safety issues, and wind won't prevent you from speeding up.

Surfing is so much better when you don’t have to drive to the beach, especially when the rack WORKS WITH ALL TYPES OF BIKES - Beach Cruisers, Road Bikes, Mountain Bike, BMX Bikes. Yes, you read that right; the robust aluminum construction of this durable surfboard rack won’t rust, chip, or corrode and Fits most bicycle models. 

 ✅ Easy to install: It only takes a few minutes to install this surfboard rack on your bike, which is simple and fast. Just clamp it to your seat post (instructions included in the package), And the foam-covered arms prevent dings or scratches on your surfboard.

✅ Best Selling Size and Carrying Capacity: Shortboard rack is recommended for surfboards up to 8 feet long. For more than 8' or SUP, we have the longboard carrier.` Its carrier arms can be adjusted to suit your bike and surfboard, and the bungee cords keep it secured and safe.

✅ Smart Ergonomic Design: Clever design prevents your bike and board from rubbing.  Shortboard racks can mount to seat posts 25mm to 32mm. Also, the elastic rope ensures the board stays in the rack.

 ✅ Ease and Safety: Simply clamp it to your seat post, elastic rope ensures the board stays in the rack, foam covered arms prevent dings or scratches on your surfboard


 ✅ Super Light Weight: It weighs less than 3.15 lbs, and because the color is "anodized" into the aluminum rack, it won't chip off like paint. 

✅ Flexi bars: Longboard rack can technically hold a board up to 6 inches thick. However, you may need to bend open the bars a bit to create more room.


Product Specifications 

DIMENSIONS 40-90* 15* 55 CM (L*H*W)


  • Question - What is the weight-holding capacity of the longboard carrier rack?
    Answer - This SUP/ longboard bike rack can hold a board up to 25 lbs, so yours and it technically can hold a board up to 6 inches thick.
  • Question - I have a 12 feet board. Can I put it on the Longboard bike rack?
    Answer - For any board above 10', it can get in the way of handle-bars. So we recommend using a beach cruiser bike with a high-rise handlebar.
  • Question - Is the item durable?
    Answer - It only attaches to the seat post, so as long as you don't have the seat all the way down touching the frame, you should be good.
  • Question -  The width between the bars holding the surfboard looks to be about 4 inches. How can it hold a board up to 8 inches thick?
    Answer - The only boards that thick are a SUP or a Foil, for which we have the longboard carrier option available. 
  • Question - Is it easy to attach and detach? 
    Answer - Yes. It will take a screwdriver to attach and detach, and you can also transfer the rack system to another bike.
  • Question - materials used for the seat post clamp, hardware, and tubing?
  • Answer - Aluminum for seat post clamp and tubing. Stainless Steel for the screws.
  • Question - Will this work well with a 50-inch long skimboard?
  • Answer - Yes



  • Please select the option for Bicycle or Motorcycle as the mount sizes vary. A longboard carrier is recommended for 8 feet and above surfboards. This product is intended for users 18 or older.
  • Always ride with care and caution while in traffic at 30mph or windy conditions, as this may cause damage or harm to you and your board. Ride at your ability levels and your own risk. 

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