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Anti-Fog Swim Goggles

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Product Description

Get Maximum Comfort, Clear And Wide Visibility, And Protection To The Eyes, Without Compromising On Style And Convenience! The Elite Professional Swim Goggles offer an all-around solution to any swimmer looking to get the most out of every swim. Designed with an emphasis on comfort, these goggles are lightweight and flexible and have unique memory-silicon padding which takes the shape of your face to create the best, most comfortable fit, while ensuring a 100% leak-proof seal. The goggles' straps are flexible and comfortable, and are easily adjustable, and have a convenient back clip for easy and quick on and off. The goggles' lenses are curved and wide to create a large field of vision and have an anti-fog treatment to ensure you have the clearest and sharpest vision throughout your entire swim. To protect the eyes when swimming outdoors, the Elite Professional Swim Goggles offer UV protection to your eyes. Choose the darker lenses for additional shading of the eyes. FEATURES: Comfortable: soft silicone materials provide ultra-comfort while creating a leak-proof seal Adjustable: snug fit on different facial forms with the help of an adjustable band Visibility: Provides a wide viewing angle to maintain clarity Protection and durability: Impact-proof, anti-fog, UV protection, mirror glass to protect the eyes Ease of wearing: Well-designed clasp makes it easy to put goggles on and take off Quality materials: Double cover gasket & sealing ring prevent leakage Convenient: easy back clasp and attached earplugs make the goggles extra convenient to use