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BIKIGHT Three-Dimensional Hanging Type Bicycle Chain Cleaning Box Mountain Bike Chain Cleaning Tool

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Product Description

Product name  Bicycle Chain Cleaner
Material ABS high strength resin shell
Size 18X6X2.5CM
Weight 140g
Advantages Easy to clean the chain

Designer for the cycling enthusiast, you often need to clean a bicycle chain
and drive. For the drive chain and wheel cleaning troublesome problem of
low efficiency. After a year of development and testing, to design a
multi-bucket-shaped bicycle chain, freewheel cleaner. The cleaner
can solve the following problems:
1. Drive chain, especially bicycle and motorcycle chains easily dirty.
    covered with dust and oil, cleaning troublesome;
2. Ordinary cassette using complex chain cleaner, cleaning effect is not ideal;
3. After cleaning the chain, is difficult to quickly dry (or easy to rust).
This cleaning tool, made ​​of a soft brush, sickle hook,
cleaning brush composition.Can  effectly cleaning the bike chain 

Package includes:
1x Bicycle Chain Clea