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Dog Car Seat, Seat Belt, Dog Harness and Leash Bundle

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Product Description

This bundle provides the essential items to make traveling with your dog safer and easier.

The dog car seat is made of strong Oxford and mesh material, creating a breathable and comfy space for your dog during car rides. The size is 40 x 30 x25 cm , which is convenient for all small dogs.

This bundle also includes a dog harness, leash, and dog car seat belt. While on the road, put on the harness and attach the seat belt to keep your dog safe. When you've arrived at your destination, attach the leash to walk your dog easily.

Key benefits:
- The dog booster seat keeps your dog safe, comfy, and less anxious during bumpy car rides.
- The seat belt prevents your dog from jumping onto the driver's seat or out the window.
- The strong harness and leash allow your dog to roam around freely yet safely.