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Easy Fun DIY - Design, Build & Display Your Own Power Bank

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Product Description

Sold by MY and Fulfilled by Soho Emporium


A fun yet detachable power bank (up to 4800mAh) that you can use to charge your device in any way.Childhood fun does not have to be expensive or far away. Restore your toy building experience with these power bricks!Sometimes you want a pocket-size power bank, sometimes you need a larger one. Customize size and capacity.Do NOT mistake its cuteness for lack of function. Capable enough to charge your device quickly and safely.Press the power button and enjoy fun charging experience.Built-in indicator lets you know the remaining juice.A perfect gift for kids does not always have to be a toy. Cobalt-based lithium-ion battery. Powerful and smart.Smart and automatic charging that will not hurt batteries. Built-in safeguards preventing excessive current, overcharging, overheating, etc.Nicely fits into your pocket.Dimensions:The package. (Bonus: charging cable included!)Specifications:

  • Weight: 1300mAh - 31.9g, 3500mAh - 70.5g, 4800mAh - 123.1g
Shipped directly from the manufacturer. 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!