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Mimi Snowsuit Set

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Product Description

Mimi's 2 pc. Snowsuit comes with snow-pants and a winter jacket. We all know how quickly your little ones are growing, so Mimi was made with an extendable snow pant; this way, you can get much more usage before it is outgrown. Made of our premium polyester and nylon blend, making this suit flexible and mobile for play while being water repellent and insulative for your little one's temperature regulation. This loveable snowsuit is topped off with nothing but the best filling, 90% duck down, making it trap warmth and keeping it free from bacteria. Our Mimi Snowsuit is a must-have!

*How to care for faux fur after shipment: Your fur can arrive flattened and not fluffy; take a brush or comb, running it through the fur a few times until you achieve the desired fluff. If the fur is not responding, take your blow-dryer, quickly warm the fur, and re-brush.


Material: Down, Polyester, Nylon
Filling: 90% White Duck Down

Infants & Toddlers Duck Down Filled Polka Dot Winter Coat