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Mini Magnetic Power Bank (Single bank or Full set)

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Product Description

Fed up of running out of battery on the move? 

Forget bulky power banks and cases, keep your device charged effortlessly with the Mini Magnetic Power Bank!

Small enough for your key chain, get those extra minutes of power wherever you are.

The Mini Magnetic Power Bank will provide your phone with enough power for another hour of fun playing games, chatting, watching videos and internet browsing.

Perfect for commuters, travelers - anyone who hates running off a battery.

Never run out of battery ever again!


  • Mini yet powerful, the new generation of portable chargers
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Intelligent power core safety protection
  • Use magnetic absorption data lining charging
  • More convenient and fast than traditional power bank
  • Can be plugged in while traveling or using your mobile
  • No longer needed a long and messy cable
  • LED: Automatically goes off 3 seconds after connecting the phone


  1. 1 mini power bank black or white for Android, Type C, or Lightening
  2. 1 mini power bank black or white includes Android, Type C, and Lightning (3 in 1)
  3. 4 mini power banks black or white with base and includes all three types (Android, Type C, and Lightening)