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Pure Beanie

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Product Description

Pure beanie is an adorable cotton and fur pom winter beanie. Soft, breathable and very stretchy for comfort. With easy to remove poms for a more simplistic look and varying colors to mix and match with any outfit, this beanie is the easy choice. Babies lose most of their heat from their heads, so having their little heads covered up will help keep their entire body warm and cozy — a great addition to your little one's colder month accessories.

*How to care for faux fur after shipment: Your fur can arrive flattened and not fluffy, take a brush or comb running it through the fur a few times until you achieve the desired fluff. If the fur is not responding, take your blow-dryer, quickly warm the fur, and re-brush.

Material: Cotton, Fur

Available in Size(s): Newborn to 5 Months of age