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Sink Wrench

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Product Description

A Multi-Functional Under-Sink Plumbing Tool For Effortless & Convenient Operation

Do you want to add an efficient tool to your toolbox which is ideal for hard-to-reach applications? Our Sink Wrench is designed to work efficiently on supply lines, fittings, and nuts.

This faucet wrench fastens and removes plastic basin nuts and supply line nuts. It is built to last. The lightweight sink wrench is made of high strength plastic and comes with durable aluminum inserts. One for turning angle stop handles and another for holding the strainer basket in place. Simple and functional faucet wrench to make your repair jobs much easier.

Sink Wrench Helps You To Work Faster, Easier & More Efficiently On Supply Lines, Fittings & Nuts


  • LEVEL INSTRUMENT: This faucet wrench features an open slot for easy fit and access over existing supply lines. Strainer basket attachment of sink wrench holds drain unit in place while tightening strainer nut. Shut-off valve attachment of faucet wrench turns hard-to-reach angle stops without marring chrome.

  • BALANCE METER: The balancer makes it easier to find a balance point. It can be easily judged whether it is compact or loose, making installation easier. It can also be applied to all objects that need to find a balance point. Such as hanging objects like- strokes, wall-mounted TVs, pendants or hooks.

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL & EFFICIENT DESIGN: Extra-long design of faucet wrench lets you turn hard-to-reach mounting nuts on faucets, sprayers and ball cocks. It’s suitable for small space operation and easy to rotate. Also, damage to the chrome can be avoided when the valve is closed.

  • EASY TO USE: This sink wrench is used to fasten and remove plastic basin nuts, supply line nuts, along with 7/8" and 1" hex nuts. Simply snap the position and rotate quickly, then replace the nut installed from the faucet. 

  • EXCELLENT QUALITY: The wrench is made of high-strength plastic and durable aluminum alloy. It is compact and lightweight. This plumbing tool is a must-have gadget for your family.