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Sports Silver Spy Camera Hidden Video Audio Recorder Watch DVR

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Product Description

Ever wanted to be a secret agent? This looks like a fancy watch, and works like one, but has the added covert CCTV video and audio recorder feature. This silver stylish sports DVR watch will record audio and video from a hidden lens on the face of the cool looking sports watch recorder. 

This secret video and audio recorder, not only has a higher resolution than most watch cameras but also provides you with a multitude of options that tailors to your needs. 

The hidden camera has adjustable resolution, so you can choose the quality of the video you are capturing. Many people love this feature because high resolutions use up memory faster, so if you are recording just for fun, simply set the sports watch spy DVR recorder at a lower resolution in order to be able to record for longer periods of time.

Not only can you take video, but you can also take still images to grasp the image you need. Maybe you need a picture of somebody’s face; you can take that picture, so you do not need to sort through videos to pause on the image. The picture files and video files are very easy to tell apart.

This light-weight digital recorder watch is also water resistant, so you don't need to worry about getting it wet. The disguised camera in this sexy covert recorder watch also has motion detection feature that allows the camera to save memory recording space. When the motion detection feature is turned on, you can place the watch DVR on a table and, when it detects movement, it will start recording. You can pretend like you forgot your watch in a room and record what goes on when you are not there.

This spy silver sports watch with video and audio recorder is a man’s best spy gadget to have.


Package content:

  • Spy Watch DVR
  • USB cord
  • User Manual
  • Watch Case