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UV Lightbox to Disinfect Phones with Wireless Charging

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Product Description

UV Lightbox to Disinfect Phones with Wireless Charging

Modern Hygiene Solutions brings hospital-grade disinfection to your home, with ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) for sterilization and sanitation. Our UVGI lightbox disinfects phones and offers wireless charging for enabled smart phones. Disinfect and charge your phone at the same time!

Mobile phones are among the least hygienic objects in our daily lives. British researchers found that cell phones have 18 times more bacteria than a toilet handle in a public bathroom. One company estimates that the average cell phone has 25,127 germs per square inch. One reason that phones are not cleaned more often is that standard disinfection practices that include chemicals are not suitable for electronics.

Scientific research proves the efficacy of UVGI to disinfect surfaces, and this chemical-free alternative will not damage electronics. Our UVC disinfection box provides 99% high-efficiency sterilization in 5 minutes.

Our UVC lightbox disinfects:

  • Phones, headphones, and earbuds
  • Cloth and surgical face masks (not intended for repeated use on N-95 filtration masks)
  • Car keys
  • Remote controls
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Computer mice
  • Toothbrushes
  • Cosmetic brushes and other personal toiletries

The disinfection chamber measures 7.1” x 3.9” x 1.5” (182mm x 100mm x 40mm), suitable for most large-format mobile phones. At only .7lbs (308g), the unit is small enough to travel with you.

  • Wireless output: 5W, 7. 5W, 10W, 15W; transmission distance: 2-6mm; charging efficiency: 78%
  • Interior dimensions: 7.1” x 3.9” x 1.5” (182mm x 100mm x 40mm)
  • Unit exterior dimensions: 7.7” x 4.5” 2.1” (196mm x 114mm x 53xx)
  • Safety warning: Ultraviolet rays can cause burns to the eyes and skin. This device includes Smart Protection, a safety feature in case the box is opened during the disinfection process. After opening the lid, the UV lamp inside the device will go out and the disinfection process will stop. After closing the lid, it is necessary to start a new disinfection cycle.

UV Light to Disinfect Everyday Objects

Ultraviolet (UV) light is invisible radiation that falls in the spectrum between visible light and X-Rays. UV light is further divided into four separate categories, and UVC light, with wavelengths between 200nm and 280nm, is the most useful for disinfection. UV-C radiation is considered especially effective at disinfection around the wavelength of 265 nm.

UVC Radiation is germicidal, antibacterial and antiviral

The spectral sensitivity of DNA makes UVC light effective at disrupting the DNA, RNA, and proteins of germs, viruses, and bacteria and can play a useful role in preventing infectious disease. Absorption of radiation by proteins will cause the cell walls to rupture and lead to the death of the organism, or “sterilization”. Absorption of radiation by DNA or RNA will eliminate the ability of the cell to replicate, or “sanitation”.

UVC Surface Disinfection

UVC light offers a chemical-free way to disinfect surfaces and objects, including killing bacterial spores. It has been proven to inactivate viruses known for surface transmission, including severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS CoV-1). The novel coronavirus, SARS CoV-2, which causes the respiratory disease COVID-19, has been detected on surfaces up to 72 hours after initial contact. This means that a contaminated surface can potentially transmit an infection to a human being up to three days later. In addition to behavioral modifications, like rigorous hand washing, it is vital to sanitize and sterilize surfaces to avoid infection. UVGI presents an effective, economical, and chemical-free solution for disinfection.

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