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Wrist Power Bank

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Product Description

You can finally able to charge and use your mobile phone for emergency need without any hassle!

This Wrist Power Bank lets you use your phone while it charges, and allows you to do so anywhere! Either you want to continue scrolling through your social media accounts, playing mobile games or having a conversation with your boss, this power bank won't let you go to the zero-battery-level oblivion. Simply put it on your wrist and you'll have 1500 mAh of charging juice right around your arm. That may not be enough to fully charge a new iPhone or Android phone, but it'll surely be enough to get you out of a pinch and allow you to continue using your phone in an emergency.

Perfect for use while traveling on a plane, bus, train, or in the car, or even at a sporting event, music festival, or just out and about. It comes with a universal cable with multiple adapters for micro-USB, USB type C, and lightning charging. Much to your delight, the wristband can be adjusted to suit your individual wrist size with ease. It's time to ditch those heavy powerbanks and make your life sweeter!


  • 1500mAh/5.55WH power capacity
  • IPX4 water resistant rating, use it anywhere, in any condition
  • Comes with multiple adapters for all your mobile devices
  • Power a wide range of phone models, from Apple iPhones to Samsung Galaxy , Huawei,XiaoMi, Microsoft, Nokia and more
  • LED indication lights on the device to display battery levels
  • Adjustable to suit your individual wrist size
  • Lightweight and convenient to wear